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Rescheduling Recurring Classes & Reassignment of Teachers for Scheduled Classes


Recurring Schedules are easy to create. However, when there is a change in teacher, or change in class time, there is no way to change it for all the future classes at one go. Each class has to be changed individually. Need to have the ability to change future recurring classes time/ teacher easily at one go.

Also, within an organization, when a c
lass is scheduled with one teacher, it is not possible to change the assigned teacher. The long and painful process is - cancel the class, reschedule the class and inform the students/ participants. Reassignment of teachers for a particular class should be possible.

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Hello Mr. Manesh Modi,

Thanks for your suggestions. 

We already have these features in our roadmap where users can edit a complete recurring group, can change date/time, teacher etc. 

I will send you the updates on this once we started working in this. For any further queries/discussion, please contact me at: or on Skype: sandeep.wiziq.


Sandeep K. Manchanda

Associate Product Manager - WizIQ

Hi Sandeep,

I have the same problem as Manesh wrote a year ago.. Imagine I have to cancel 20 recurring classes and ..etc.!

Any progress for what you said a year ago... 

Thank you,


(The Open School)  

Dear Sheikh,

I would like to inform you that to edit the time and teacher for any recurring class, it will still be done individually for each class under recurring schedule. We will keep you posted once this feature is activated. 

Thank You,

WizIQ Team

And yet another year later, I request the same. I hope there is progress on this feature. please update.

Dear Sheikh,

Once there is any update we will notify to all our WizIQ users.

Thank You,

WizIQ Team

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