Start a new topic DOWN for about 4 hours, now!

This is huge! We have 3 classes scheduled to start within 30 minutes and the system is STILL down. Not to mention NONE of the recording are available. We are receiving a LOT of complaints. 

Another WizIQ MAJOR issue to the count.

WizIQ cost us not one, but THREE classes, today. Not to mention TONS of e-mails complaining about access to the recorded classes and a GREAT DEAL of damage to our company's credibility. 

WizIQ is putting a great deal of effort in selling an image of an unreliable company and platform. This is beyond unacceptable. I am completely unsatisfied with the platform support AND stability. It was not like this before. Unfortunately, things look to be going downhill for quite sometime, now. 


Dear WizIQ User,

We apologize for the problems you faced. This happened due to some issues at our hosting provider end. We have actively followed-up with them and got these fixed in few hours time on the same day.

We hope things are working fine now at your end. Please let us know if you are still facing any problems so that we can solve these on priority basis.

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