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Registration for 1st time attendees is unacceptable

Good day Wiziq members,


I would like to post some live events and it's important I know before hand how many attendees will be attending a particular event.


Currently there are only two options:

1. Register as Wiziq member

2. No email required 


The 1st option is suitable if you want to become a member, but might not encourage fist time attendees. In this case we might just lose them altogether.


The 2nd option is great, but what happens if the event was planned well in advance. There is no way of sending out reminders. There is no way of knowing how many people will be attending an event. Teachers have to plan their time and 1 or 2  attended might not just be worth it.


I personally feel these options have been overlooked.  


How many members share my thaughts? Can Wiziq adjust the options for attendee registration?


I know this is not difficult, Wiziq have a great team of engineers that can work their magic.


Kind Regards

Ryk Melck

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