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Recurring recording issues


As far as I know you have some problems with the recording servers.I would like to know how long it will take to fix this general issue, because ı have delayed my lesson due to the recurring recording issues.And Could you let me know when the problems have been resolved ?

Kind regards.

I regret for the inconvenience however recording issues have been fixed completely. I have also replied to your Email.


On November 4th at 8 P.M. Israel time I have presented but I could not upload my presentation. Can You Help?

Thank you. 

Esty Feldman

I would request you to please share the link of your class and also the error you were getting while adding the content. We always recommend our teachers to add the content before the class goes live and it should be added via content library to avoid any issues. 

Thank You

WizIQ Team

I cannot get the recording to my presentation . Therefore it is not possible to share the link. 

I have sent you so many times a request to download it but in vain. Why is it? 

Thank you 


We would request you to share the file at and share the class link where you want to add the presentation so that it can be done from our end.

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