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WizIQ problem with Moodle. Error message error/1013 No record found.

After instance of Live Class is initiated in Moodle and after it has been finished and uploaded, error message 1013 appear. Also, other details about the Live Class are not accessible.

Interesting thing is when Live Class is edited again (not open because of error), under the option manage classes, recording appears with two options, download class and view class. Both options works.

My opinion is there is a problem with WizIQ plugin for Moodle. This problem started Monday after-noon (CET). Classes in the morning are recorded without the problem, while classes at afternoon and until know are all reporting same error message.

Any advice?  


Dear Admir,

Our Engineering team is working on the issue and it will be fixed in next 24 hours.


WizIQ Team

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