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Additional features for teachers in organisations

With an organisation login the features for teachers are far too limited. For example, teachers should be able to upload their own content in advance of lessons rather than relying on the admin to upload them. Similarly when the admin uploads resources they should be able to decide which resources are made available to which teachers. At the moment all resources are shared with all our teachers which means teachers are getting access to resources that might not be relevant to them. This also makes it harder to protect the IP of resources.

Hi Tiffany,

We are currently in the process of improving the over all user experience for Org users.

We are going to add a few use cases which were missing earlier. For example:

1. Content Library for teacher

2. Dashboard feed for teachers

3. Courses and Tests for Org teachers

and many more.

Our development team is working hard to provide these features to you.

Soon we are going to release it. Will keep you updated.


WizIQ Team

Have these features been added yet?

Dear User,

These feature are been updated and functional on the website. You can check your website to know more about this. 

How can I setup as an organisation with multiple teachers

Hello Sam,

In order to set up an organization account you first need to add teachers to your account.

You may do the same from "add teachers" option at top left after logging into your WizIQ account.

For more details we would recommend you to get in touch with our support department by sending an email to


Team WizIQ.

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