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Moodle Calendar incorrect display of wizIQ duration

 We are using  Moodle 2.5.1 (Build: 20130708)

We have the wiziq plugin installed and working version 2013070201

When scheduling a wiziq live class and entering the 'duration' in minutes the live lesson is posted to the calendar but the duration is incorrect.

The correct date and starting time is shown but the ending time is wrong.

e.g. When scheduling a live lesson for 60 minutes, the calendar displays an end time as start time plus 1 minute and

When scheduling a live lesson for 120 minutes, the calendar displays an end time as start time plus 2 minutes

When trying to work around this by entering the duration as a number of seconds then the plugin only allows 300 as the maximum entry i.e. 5 minutes, which is far too small for my live class.

Is there a moodle setting that needs configuring for this wiziq plugin to work, or is this a bug in the wiziq plugin.?

Many thanks in advance.

Dear Peter,

Please send an Email with the following infirmation to :

1) Moodle website URL

2) Admin credentials

We assure you of the best possible assistance.

WizIQ Team

Hi wiziq support,

This is a bug in the wiziq plugin.

To solve the problem edit the wiziq/lib.php file as follows

1) Add this at the beginning of file i.e  in “lib.php”
    define('WIZIQ_DURATION_TO_SECONDS', 60);
    global $CFG;

2) Replace
    $event->timeduration = $wiziq->duration;
    $event->timeduration = ($wiziq->duration)*WIZIQ_DURATION_TO_SECONDS;
    In wiziq_add_instance($wiziq) and wiziq_update_instance($wiziq) functions.

Perhaps you can add this to your next release of the plugin.




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