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Video lectures on trigonometry

Hi! I want to find out if learners on wiziq would be interested in video lectures on trigonometry. I am planning to create a a series of video lectures which a class 9 student could start following. The series would take the student all the way up to the class 12 syllabus in the subject. The concepts would be explained in detail along with several problem solutions in each concept level. The emphasis would be on the fact that any subject, including trigonometry in this case, can be grasped up to the grade 12 level by a grade 9 student as well, provided the explanation is proper and lively, and provided the course contains several problems which are solved to reinforce the concepts. Feedback on this from wiziq learners would help me to get started...

Dear Mr Thakur,

We have a dedicated department for courses. Please send us an Email at and we will get back to you with the complete information.


WizIQ Team

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