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attendee attendance tracking

The attendees should be able to track their own attendance for live and for recordings listened to.  The reason is that sometimes we get disconnected due to internet issues and we later on listen to the recordings.  Perhaps if we had a way to know which recordings are pending to be listened to later on, that would make everything MUCH easier for attendees/participants to track. We are graded on our attendance so it's something we are accountable for.  I believe tracking is available to the teacher; why can't we know our own attendance?  thank you.

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Dear Aisha,

I would like to inform you that students can check the attendance by getting in to MY CLASSES and then click on the class name. The number of classes they have attended will be listed in the classes panel. However, we do not have a feature yet that indicates how many class recordings a student have already viewed or downloaded. I can certainly put this as a feature request and will be updated when available. 

How do i get attendance register through API ?

Thanks in advance.


Within your website their must be an option to download attendance report under every class title from where you manage your view/download recording permissions however you can ask your developer whether he has implemented the parameter within your website or not.

Please provide the API to get attendance report of the past classes .  


I would like to inform you that you need to add the parameters in your API and get the attendance report. Please find the link below for the same:

Thank You,

WizIQ Team

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