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Audio in Recordings doesn't match up!

So many times I have this problem: when two people are discussing in the class, on the recording their comments do not line up correctly!!

When one person asks a question and the other answers, the person's answer plays much later after the first person has started talking again. Or another issue: the teacher's talk about certain things on the screen comes much earlier or later than what is up on the board. 

Is there anyway for this to be fixed. I'm having this problem on all of the recordings.


Dear Magistra,

I would like to inform you that we have checked few recordings from your account and they are working fine.If you still face the same issue with any other recordings, you can send an email to with the recording links.For any other assitance or query you can reach us on +1-919-647-4734,+91-9216494947.


WizIQ Support


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