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Getting new Students

I have authored a college textbook (Engineering branch). Th subject is very difficult and the way in which subject has been presented in the book  is very simple such that students will find the difficult subject very easy. My close relation has self published the textbook and he sells the textbook via his blog by giving first two chapters of the book for free download. Students who download the chapters get convinced and buy the book. Mostly the book sells in US and UK. Those students who have read the book are asking for online tutoring. For personnel reasons I can start the online tutoring after sometime only. Mean while I want to attract students to the publisher blog so that my online tutoring options grows. What are the ways I can attract more students towards the blog / online tutoring. I am from India. How can I contact college students from US and UK. How can I advertise my services. Any thoughts. 

Hi Srinivasan,

We would like to inform you that WizIQ will help you upload contents and teach online. Blogs are not supported.


WizIQ Team

Dear Wiziq team,

           Thanks for your response. 

           The publisher is already having his own blog. So no new blog is required from wiziq. My question is how to get new students. For example I saw the following service from wiziq

Does wiziq still offers the above service.

With best regards,

B. Srinivasan. 

Dear Srinivasan,

I would like to inform you that to get students on, you need to create courses. WizIQ courses team will help you get students by promoting your courses online. For more information, you can send an email on


WizIQ Team

That is fine .But do we have to become paid members to avail the benefits of getting new students

You can subscribe for a teacher's free trial package and can create courses after that to get further enrollments.

For more information we would recommend to drop an email to

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