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Split Screen in pop-out Mode of the

Hello WizIQ Team,

Here's another suggestion for you. It may be possible that I don't understand how to do this correctly so please excuse my ignorance. I am using the WizIQ desktop app when launching a class.

When I use the pop-out mode for the Live Video Streams I donot see an option to view all attendees in a split screen mode. It seems I only have the option to view 1 attendee in full screen mode with the other attendees either listed vertically or horizontally. I would like to seeall video streams equally (split screen) and allow all others to see it this way too when viewing in Mazimize option when in pop-out mode. I can view all video streams when the attendees are the pop-in mode or just the basic pop-out mode (not maximized).

There are many times when students need to be able to better interact with each other via a larger video stream.

Thanks for your consideration of this feature.

Kindest regards,


Dear Tim,

Thank you for your suggestion. Our engineering team will check the suggestions shared by you, and update as soon as possible.


WizIQ Team

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