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WizIQ teachers, is back-up of self-paced courses really a missing feature?

Hello to everybody, I worked several hours this week to design my first WizIQ self-paced course, until I was able to lose everything already uploaded in my draft-course. Well, provided that I'm not at all a novice in the field, how was it possible? Coming to the point, I was editing my last saved draft and, after some changes, I realized it should have been better to retrace my last steps, backtracking to the saved version of the course. In such a situation, the available choices for the teacher are "publish", "save" and "cancel": discarding the first 2 of them, obviously not applicable here, I expected to abandon the editing session clicking the last one button to cancel it, usually the proper case in similar contexts. So, though influenced by reasoning and experience, I confirmed the subsequent warning prompt too, permanently losing every trace of my draft ... Very surprisingly and sadly, it became soon clear for me the appearance that the WizIQ environment lacks of any backup feature, in the available interface we know, at least. Of consequence, my next and last step was asking for support via chat and email but, unfortunately, I've had no answer nowadays, though several days are already past.

Finally, could anyone give me any advice? Otherwise, what security policies are you experiencing from a "teacher" perspective?

Nicola,  Italy

Dear Nicola,

Please let me know the name of the course that you are facing issues with so that we can assist you accordingly as well as you can suggest us the best possible time when we can give you a call back and to help you with this issue.

Thanks & Regards

WizIQ Team

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