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I use a whiteboard with images for letter tiles that my students move to spell words. Right now, I have to upload the images for every class which takes quite a bit of time. It would be nice to be able to save the whiteboard and use it in another class. I can't take a snapshot because then the images are not movable.

Dear Marcy,

You can take a snapshot in the class (Click "File" at top left >"take snapshot"> it will be saved on your computer) and then you can use the same snapshot later in a different class by uploading through "Upload from desktop feature".

Thanks for your response. The snapshot action won''t work for me because I use individual images on the whiteboard. One for each letter so my student can move them around on the board to spell words. When I take a snapshot the board becomes one image so when I upload it the individual letter images are no longer movable. It's very time consuming to load the images every class because I need 2 of each letter in the alphabet, plus images for special spellings. Sometimes as many as 60 images. If there was a way to upload multiple images at one time, that would make it less time consuming, but saving the whiteboard would be easiest.

Hi Marcy,

Thank you for getting this to our notice!

I am not sure if you have tried the "content library" option, which allows you to pre-upload documents and they will stay there for you to use during any of the classes; right now we support most of the document formats.

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