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Getting the link of classes


I need to access the link of join class inside my Wordpress page or template. Also I want to display the content that uploaded to Wiziq account. So when the user login through the Wordpress site then he will get all of the information inside wordpress page. Like if the class is live then he just needs to click on a link to launch the class and join. Also he can view all of the contents that uploaded for his class. I searched a lot and looked your site several times but I could not find a detail documentation that describes this. I know there are APIs but how to integrate these APIs inside Wordpress? I also tried to access the database but there I can only find the presenter url to launch the class not attendees.

Please help me sort out this. I am sure there are some detail documentation that I cant find it.


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I have also same issue.  I checked in the website several times.  No way.   I think the information supplied is not enough to integrate the full API.  Also the query is posted 2 months before.  I am not finding any reply from the tech team.  It saying the lack of response !!


Please note: the content that you have uploaded inside the WizIQ account are not going to be visible on your WordPress website.

You need to upload the content into your WordPress website and then you can share the content with your student.

Kindly go through the link for your reference.

This wideo is so incomplete it a promotion for the service and not a complete guide as to how to utilize the service...why can't we have a detailed step by step instructions that shows how to use properly use Wiziq on our wordpress website?????



I would like to inform you that we have just given the basic intro on the WordPress integration. I would request you to please share your email id, or drop an email on with you questions. And we shall assist you further to resolve the query.

Thank You,

WizIQ Team.

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