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how to integrate wiziq api in wordpress website.

Hell all,

I am new for API integration.

As per the basic step 

-I have create my account, get the access key, secret key, web url.

-I have also download the sample code of api.

-I have also replace access key, secret key, web url in thie sample code file.

-I have already refer the api documentation & developer guide but not get proper idea so please don't suggest it.

Now I don't know how to integrate it in site. I mean which file where to put, is it need to create any template, how it work.

Any help will be appreciable. 

You need to hire a developer  to do the integration or if you want us to do the integration for your website then we have a dedicated team for that and there are additional charges for  it.

You can get help for the integration from the links below. As every parameter is being explained along with an example.


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