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Different Classrooms in Permanent Class

I teach multiple classes in a term and I plan to stop building different classes each term, I want just one virtual classroom.  The links are replicated for me each term.

1.   Allow for different classrooms to be created and destroyed in Permanent Class.  This will allow for students to go back and view notes for a particular class.

2.   Allow for Permanent Breakout Rooms so that students can meet virtually.

3.   Notify students that class has started once the instructor has entered an officially scheduled class to begin teaching, with and option to notify automatically or maybe a button saying "Notify Absent Students".  Where the instructor is CC'ed, will receive the same email.

4.   Notify established team members that a Breakout Room Study session is taking place, automatically.  Give the full feature set to the students for study.


Thank you for the recommendation and feedback. However I will be posting to our Product Management team and counted a feature request. As of now, you need to send the permanent class link to your students and inform them about the class start time each day.

Thank You,

WizIQ Team

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