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New classroom appearance issues

From some days ago, and since the new black & pretty appearance classroom was implemented, some students has reported that the chat is not available for them. Today a teacher reported that she was not able to give the control to one of his students due to there was not the little pencil icon available for the students (See files attached). 

I asked the teacher to switch to the old white appearance classrom using the button at the top of the classroom. After this action, she was able to give the control to the student; and the other students that were not able to have the chat available, suddenly have the chat available too with this single action. 

Is this a bug or why this is happening ? 

Thanks for your answer. 


I would like to inform you that it was just a bug which caused the issue. And no student is reporting this anymore. If your students are still facing issues with the chat box, then kindly drop an email on We will check the issue.

Thank You,

WizIQ Team

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