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Need an improved white board.


WizIQ is an excellent service BUT IT COULD BE SO MUCH BETTER!

Teaching MATHEMATICS is difficult and time consuming on WizIQ as the whiteboard interface is cumbersome compared even with PowerPoint!

Please allow us to have a single tool that can be used to write AND to point!  I waste time on WizIQ writing something and then having to switch tools in order to point at something for my students. If the PENCIL icon were simply VISIBLE all the time when chosen we could write and point without having to use another tool.

Also, changing colors us cumbersome. Just give us a small block, always visible, that lets us just click on the color we want (as I believe PowerPoint has done for many years).

WizIQ is excellent but it could be much better. Please make it easy to teach rather than more difficult to teach!

I hope, with suggestions like these, that WizIQ can become among the BEST classroom systems available but until these are addressed it will be more like an AVERAGE such system. Even using Power Point with Skype has its advantages in terms of the POINTING issue because the pencil is always visible.


I will certainly forward this to our Product team and add this as a feature request. We will get back to you with all the updates.

Thank You,

WizIQ Team

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