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the trial version worked but the premium membership never worked

I have been communicating with calls and chats and emails with the technical support team for over 15 days, no one is able to help me every one asks the same thing and say they will pass it on and no answer and repeat the cycle again.

the trial version worked well and when we signed for full premium membership, never worked despite all the trials and changes following up guides and asking the support team. 


I would like to inform you that I have tested all the emails you have got in touch with the Support team so far. And I found that there were issues related to integration and then about content upload. Our support reps were in constant touch with you on responding and help you fix the issue. And I also read that you have asked for refund. I would request you to please share a convenient time to arrange a call back and to discuss the issues in detail, so that I an address all your questions and give you the best services from Looking forward to hear soon from you.

Thank You,

WizIQ Team. 

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