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hi sir,

i would to askl about files upload.

we teach Engineering Software Like AutoCAD and we have to upload Autocad file for example as attached  but we cant.

can you add all files as supported files to work freely.

Esam Azzam

Omniplan jordan

3.21 MB


I would like to inform you that the only supported formats to upload the content on are mentioned below. However the format you named above (Autocad) can be raised as a feature request, and we can will be picked up based on the next requirement. Till then please use the formats supported on

Supported file formats and sizes

Document: (up to 1332 MB)

ppt - pptx - pps - ppsxxls - xlsx

doc - docx - rtfPDF

Audio /Video: (up to 1332 MB)

wav - wma - mp3 - mov - avi - mpeg - wmv mp4 - flv

Flash: (up to 1332 MB)


Thank You,

WizIQ Team

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