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[error code='1000' msg='There is some error while processing your request.'] while trying to schedule a class

I'm trying to schedule a class using 'create' API call but I'm getting thus strange error message which does not explain anything and is not described in the documentation []

Following is parameter string being forwarded to the server which is failing.


    [access_key] => xxxYxYYYYxY=
    [timestamp] => 1234567890
    [method] => create
    [signature] => Yx11x8xYxZxY4xxxxYYx3xxZxYx=
    [title] => myfirst
    [start_time] => 08/16/2015 10:30:00
    [presenter_email] =>
    [language_culture_name] => en-us
    [extend_duration] => 15
    [duration] => 45
    [time_zone] => America/Chicago
    [attendee_limit] => 10
    [presenter_default_controls] => audio, video
    [attendee_default_controls] => audio, writing
    [create_recording] => 1
    [return_url] => http://localhost/hakaba/3/index.php/user/dashboard
    [status_ping_url] => http://localhost/hakaba/3/index.php/wiziq/classroom_status_ping

 This is the response from the server


<rsp status='fail' call_id='edd57ba46a55'><error code='1000' msg='There is some error while processing your request.'/></rsp>

 What am I doing wrong? Please help..


Hi Anupam,

For the technical assistance related to API or getting any error while passing the parameter I would request you too drop an email to with your account information. One of our support expert will assist you for the same.

Thank You,

WizIQ Team.

For others having the same issue just use "true"/"false" as strings rather then Boolean values and it should work.

Thanks WizIQ team for providing help.

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