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Questions on WizIQ Desktop App

The advert for the WizIQ Desktop App says the app will not require a browser and adobe flash or java to function, however, I find this not to be so as each time I click on the WizIQ icon on my PC desktop it opens in my browser and any time I open the virtual class the system prompts me to allow the adobe flash player. Any way out of this?

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when i launch the class and i click i am good to go, an error appears. Then the app closes. What should I do?

I have a similar problem with the Desktop App v.1.1.5.
If I try to adjust my mike and camera before the class starts the app crashes.
If I receive permission to use camera/sound within class, when I click on sound/camera or I am good to go, the app crashes.
I've removed it from my system Win 8.2


How can I change the background colour of the Desktop App?
It used to be white and easy to see everything. Now it's black, and it's difficult for me to see some things.
Can I change it?


With this latest version of the Desktop App, I can't turn off the video by clicking on the broadcaster's name.


We would like to inform you that WizIQ virtual classroom theme (dark colour) is default for all the users and can not be changed.

As far as the video issue is concerned, we would request you to make sure you clicked on the Video camera icon in the attendee's list to enable/disable the camera of the student.

If the user is a co-presenter then he will be able to enable to disable camera on his own. Main presenter can not manage the controls of a co-presenter in the class (controls will be greyed out).

Also, for instant help during the session you can contact us anytime on the support numbers mentioned below or can use WizIQ Live chat, We are available 24*7. We would be glad to assist you on real time.

+91-99157-01831 (India)
+1800-567-8059 (Toll free)


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