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Teacher Search

I have to make three suggestions regarding the search of the teacher by a student on wiziq.  1) There is a huge list of teachers on Wiziq. (Around 5000 for Maths itself.) A student has to sort serially all pages one by one, which may be troublesome, and student may not reach the teachers on latter pages, thus reducing their visibility.(I guess there must be around 200 pages.) So what I want to suggest is, instead of going serially, BY TYPING ANY NUMBER AT RANDOM, SAY 87, the student should be able to view the teachers on page 87 directly.        2) In a particular subject, say Maths, there should be sub-categories, like primary, secondary, grade 11, 12, then graduate level, etc., which will make the search easier.         3) If possible, teachers may also be classified according to their nations, like India, China, Japan, etc. so if a student prefers a teacher from a particular country, he can search for it easily.

               I request Wiziq Admin to consider these suggestions and implement these if possible.


We would like to inform you that the mentioned requests have been notified to the concerned team. We will update you once it is implemented in future.


Team WizIQ.

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