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More Intuitive Menu (especially for resources)

I wanted to add a resource to one of my courses and could only do so with assistance from support staff!  A more intuitive menu system would have helped.

For example, when I click on "As Teacher: Courses" and then on "Past" and then on a course called "COUNSELLING", for example,  I get a menu that has

  • Course Feed
  • Course Schedule
  • Course Learners
  • About Course

To add a new resource I had to go into "Course Schedule" (totally unintuitive) and then add a new week (even more unintuitive).

What is missing from the menu (and I believe this is the intuitive location for it) is "Course Resources" (with further options to see, edit, delete, upload or add).

Alternatively, though a less adequate solution, would be to rename "Course Schedule" as "Course Content" or "Course Curriculum".  "Schedule" refers very much to the time component rather than content.

Intuitiveness and user-friendliness are incredibly important.


B Lennon

Brian Lennon

Dear Brian,

I would to inform you that currently to use mentioned features you need add a week and then make the desired changes . However, we can considered requested queries as feature request and if it can be implemented then we will notify you .

Thank You,

WizIQ Team

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