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Owner should have right to approve enrollment in private couses

Currently if i invite my student , an email is triggered which contain link to the course. The email can be shared(or hyperlink copied by right clicking) and used by another person to enroll for the course. System doesn't ask for approval. The student directly get access to the course content. This puts me in danger of third person accessing my content.

 Is there some way i can enroll students selectively and restrict access- for a private course

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Dear Simeon,

I would like to Inform you that if you are inviting a student for a course using invite attendee option then only that specific student will be able to access the classes or content . If he tries to share the link with other student then he will get "you are not authorized" option which means other student who is not invited cannot access any context of it .

Thank You,

WizIQ Team

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