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Feature requests

Firstly, if one were able to reorganise the tabs in the online classrooms after the documents have been added to the class.

Secondly, to be able to add a “notes” section for after a class is finish so that I can note what was covered in the class so that recordings are easier to find.

Thirdly, if the name of the recording can please be displayed when listening to the recording so that I can see which one I selected.

Fourthly, being able to set up breakout rooms before the class has begun so that you can add the documents, etc.

Fifthly, a way that you can select which break out room is recorded, allowing you to check different break out rooms but still be able to record one single breakout room discussion.

Sixth, the ability to group or put your recordings or past classes into folders.

Finally, if there was perhaps an easier way to send multiple links to individual people. Perhaps select their name and then tick which recordings we can send them.

Dear Cayleigh,

Thank you for your suggestion, will share it with the concerned team however this may or may not be implemented.


WizIQ Team

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