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Non-Interruptible video? Power Point 2010

 How do I make a Video play out without user interruption?

PP 2010

I have set a previous slide with a Hyperlink to automatically play the slide with my video on it then move on to the next slide. Works fine.

However while the video is playing, clicking, or in my case touching the screen resulted in the video pausing.
I managed to remove this pause action in "Animations" by adding a "Play" animation on its own and removing the one automatically inserted to pause.

NOW when screen is touched or clicked the video starts to play from the start each time.
HOW can I stop this????

I'm using the presentation in Kiosk mode for visitors to a Museum to select and watch a number of videos so need the selected video to play from start to finish without the threat of interruption by prodding fingers etc.!!(at which point it moves to my next menu slide).

Alternatively, and if the above is not possible, can I add a hyperlink to the video clip (playing fullscreen) to return to a selected slide rather than the pause or restart options?

Hope you nice people can help?

I would like to inform you that WizIQ content feature supports only the basic animations in PowerPoint presentation. If any link added in the ppt is firstly not supported and it that works, would give some error. Please check the link below on the type of animations supported:

You can add those videos as a content separately in WizIQ content library and play through Media player during the live class. Which will play the video without any interruption and you can play and pause anytime while it's playing. 

Thank You,

WizIQ Team

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