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Audio Problems on Android Tablet

Recently I tried conducting a test class with my own tablet (Nexus 7 with Android 6.01).  I noticed the default mode was with the audio and video disabled.  I tried to enable it as a teacher.  It requested that the student plug in headphones.  We did so, and then my wife who was using the tablet with with headphones could hear and see me, but I could not hear her.  


We would recommend you to go through the attached document and make sure you have the same audio settings at your end and thentry again.

Let us know if the problem still persists. We would be glad to assist you.


Team WizIQ

I had already been through the ppt.  It didn't solve my problems.

 Dear Alan,

Than you for your response . In that case you can let us know a suitable time along with your contact number or skype-ID . So, that we can check and troubleshoot the audio issue at the earliest .

Looking forward to hear from you .


Team WizIQ

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