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Security hole on wiziq.

Hey there.

There is a security hole on wiziq that will allow anyone to download any courseware.

Since this is an open forum, I don't want to discuss more details here.

Please email me on for more details on this.



Dear Jamal,

If the presenter hasn't given the access to the students , they can't download the courseware content.

I have also sent you an Email for more clarification on the same.


WizIQ Team

Hi Raman,

I was able to display the 'download' button through a simple hack  (even if the presenter had not given the access) .

I don't want to upload attachments here since its an open forum.

Do you have email id that I can send the attachments so that you have a better idea?

I just replied to your email with attachments.

hope that helped. :)

Dear Jamal,

We fixed the issue, please check it.


WizIQ Team


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