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WizIQ out of business?

Has this company closed?

The USA phone numbers listed on the website are defunct: the 800 number automatically disconnects you after the initial message. The 919 number is no longer in service.

The live chat, even though it shows as being online, has no one at the other end. No one ever replies.

This does NOT instill confidence to anyone considering your products... very amateur.

I was wondering the same thing.  Although I got some live chat help, it was not that good.  I told one of the live chat people about
the numbers not working.  He assured me that they were.  I told him that they were not.  What's going on ?


Dear Dan/ Kim,

I would like to inform you the active numbers to are  +91-92164-94947, +1-919-647-4734 and toll free number 1800-567-8059

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