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Cannot Not Connect to the Mic of My Students!


I have an issue with my mic, when I want to connect the mic to my students so I can hear them, it doesnt  connect to them. Ive checked everything, the mic works perfectly, the settings are OK etc. This is a BIG problem as I have had to use Skype to speak to my students. I belong to an organization of English online teachers and have recommended your product to hundreds of them and they are also having this problem. If this cannot be fixed, the organization and I will move along to GoToMeeting probably. I click on to connect to the student and nothing is happening consistently

Please fix this NOW.

What can the reason be? 

I apologize for the delayed response. I would request you to please go through the attached document and also forward the same to your students.

In case issue persists then I would request you to please provide me the contact details so that I can arrange a technical session with one of my technical expert.

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