To become an online instructor on WizIQ, you need to sign up as a free user on WizIQ here:

Please complete your profile with all necessary information.

Once you have your account ready, you will need to submit your course with all the details or create a live class.

After we receive your submission, our team will review your course. This entails proofreading the content, ensuring that the course is structured properly, and verifying that you have provided all of the the necessary information.

Once everything is in place then we will approve the course, you will receive an automated email as confirmation. This process takes approximately business days.

Kindly note that WizIQ charges 5% of the course fee per enrollment to cover administration costs. In case, the course is hosted on 3rd party portals like ebay, snapdeal, amazon etc, WizIQ charges 30% fee per enrollment. This includes collecting course payments from students upfront.

WizIQ sends payments to instructors monthly. Payments are reflected in teachers’ accounts within a week after they are deposited.

Once the account is setup and you need to schedule a class, here are some simple steps that you must follow:

1.Login to your wiziq account at
2.Once logged in, please click on "Schedule a live class" on the right hand side panel provided on our profile's homepage.
3.It will open up a new page, where it will ask you to enter class details like title, description etc.
4.Please click on " Add more information about your class" as well to check/modify the needed settings available for the class.
5.Once you have filled in all needed details, please click on schedule and continue. It will take you to a page where you can click on launch class to open the class.
6.Invite the students using the class link provided so that they can enter live class.
7.You may need to click on following link to test your system and devices for any audio/video settings configuration: