At WizIQ, classes and courses are two separate things. A class is a single event, while a course is a complete learning package. Think of a class as a brick and a course all of the bricks used to build a brick house.

See the chart below for more on the differences between classes and courses at WizIQ:

  Class Course
Event A single online class, attended live. If missed and the teacher offers this option, the student can catch up by watching the class recording. A course might consist of multiple live class events, or may contain no events if it’s entirely self-paced.
Time The length of the single class session, which might run up to a few hours. The duration of a course depends widely on how many class sessions it contains, and how frequently they’re held. A course might continue for months.
Content A class is a live interaction between students and teacher, conducted within the WizIQ Virtual Classroom. A course is assembled using courseware. Courseware can contain live classes, shared content (Videos, PowerPoint presentations, Word documents,  PDFs, etc.), evaluation exercises, and more. It is a complete package on a particular subject or topic.
Type Synchronous unless watching the recording later for review. Can be either synchronous classes or self-paced learning modules.