By default all classes are recorded automatically and recording settings are ON unless a user explicitly marks them off. If you don’t want to record a class,

    1. On Schedule a New Class page, in More Settings link (Next to Class type field), uncheck the option: Record class for “Me” and “Attendees”. If you want to disable the recording just for attendees, uncheck the option for Attendees only. Remember, if you don’t record a class for attendees you will not be able to share this recording with any of your contacts/attendees later.
    2. You may change these recording settings for the class anytime before the scheduled date and time of the class. The class is recorded/not recorded depending upon the last settings you save for the class.

      You may choose to delete the recordings for the attendees later anytime after the class is over and recording is built. The recordings once deleted cannot be retrieved back.