In order to upload your content to WizIQ or the Virtual Classroom, please perform the following steps:

  • Login to using your registered email.
  • Please click Upload Content under “Content Library” option in the left navigation pane on your dashboard. 

  • Once you are on the Upload Content page, click the Browse File button to locate and select the relevant file or content stored on your computer. 

  • You can then add a suitable description for the selected content on the Upload Content page.
  • Finally, click the Upload and Continue button to upload the content to WizIQ or the Virtual Classroom.

All the content uploaded by you is available for use and sharing on WizIQ as well as in the Virtual Classroom and you may refer to following steps for upload content inside Virtual classroom from the Content library:

  • Click on Content library button as per image below.
  • It will load the list of all files you have added in the Library.
  • Click on "add to class" option next to a file name, which you want to upload in the live class.