No, there is no limit on the content you can upload and share. You can upload any number of files and share them with your contacts. However, there is a size limit for individual files you can upload on WizIQ:

    1. Documents, PDF and Spreadsheets- 1332 MB (Premium Feature); not more than 100 pages in any PDF / 100 MB (Non-Premium)
    2. PowerPoint files and PowerPoint Shows- 1332 M(Premium Feature) / 100 MB (Non-Premium)
    3. Flash- 1332 M(Premium Feature) / 100 MB (Non-Premium)
    4. Video- 1332 M(Premium Feature) / 100 MB (Non-Premium)
    5. Audio- 1332 M(Premium Feature) / 100 MB (Non-Premium)

      In addition to files, you may also embed presentations, documents, Videos from authorSTREAM, Scribd, SlideShare and YouTube on WizIQ and share them with your contacts.