Content Library is a central repository of all the content uploaded by you with the purpose of sharing it with the learners in the Virtual Classroom or otherwise. The content uploaded to the Content Library is available for use in the Virtual Classroom. The process of uploading content to the Content Library depends on your user/membership type or the platform that you use.

You can upload content to the Content Library in the following ways:

Users on

You simply need to log in to your WizIQ account and use the Upload Content option on your dashboard to upload content to your Content Library.

API Users

The API users who use their own website, CMS or LMS, which is integrated with the WizIQ Virtual Classroom, need to ensure that the Content API integration has been done. If it is not done, they need to contact their system administrator. To know more about content upload, visit

Moodle Users

To upload content to the Content Library, Moodle users need to go to their course and click Turn editing on in the left navigation pane. Users then need to go to the dropdown menu titled Add an activity and choose the WizIQ Live class option to upload content to the Content Library.

Note: The permissible file formats that can be uploaded to the Content Library include:

  • Documents (PDF, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, pps, ppsx)
  • Flash (swf, flv)
  • Audio (wav,wma,mp3)
  • Video (mp4, mov, avi, mpeg, wmv)