You can only edit the details of your Private course. The details of Paid and Free courses can’t be edited directly by the course provider once the course is published. The content of a Paid or Free course is reviewed for quality by the WizIQ Courses Team before it is published on the WizIQ Learning Marketplace. Any change to the course would entail a review to maintain the quality of content on the platform. Hence, it is good to finalize your course content carefully before you actually publish a Paid or Free course.

However, if it’s really important for you to edit the details of your Paid or Free course, you can contact the WizIQ Courses team at

The details of a Private course can be edited in the following ways:

  1. Click the Courses link in the left navigation menu on your dashboard (see Figure 1.4). Courses page will open and you will see all the courses created by you on the page.

    Figure 1.4

  2. Locate the course whose details you want to edit on the Courses page. Click the Edit Course link given below the course title (see Figure 1.5).

    Figure 1.5

  3. Edit the course details that you entered while creating the course. Click the Update button to save the edited course details after you have finished making the changes (see Figure 1.6). The edited course details will be updated.

    Figure 1.6

You can also edit your course details by clicking the Settings / Gear icon (see Figure 1.7) on your course page and then clicking the Edit Course option. Alternatively, you can simply click the About Course link in the left navigation menu of your course page and then click the Edit Course link on the page (see Figure 1.8).

Figure 1.7

Figure 1.8