If you can't access the class recording after your class is over, it could be because of the following reasons:

• The presenter or instructor didn’t choose the class recording option while scheduling the class. The class recording will not be available if the class recording option was not selected.

• The class recording is still under processing. You need to wait for some time before the recording is available.

• If you used the WizIQ Desktop App to conduct a live class, the class recordings could be unavailable due to the reasons mentioned below:

  • You could have shut down your computer or did not maintain an active Internet connection after the class ended. It is necessary to keep your computer running and maintain an active Internet connection after the class ends to process the class recording.
    In case you had shut down your computer or didn’t maintain an active internet connection after the class ended, the recording will be processed and available when you turn on your computer and have an active internet connection again.

  • There is a possibility that you had quit the Desktop App by clicking the App icon in the system tray or going to the Task Manager on your computer before the class recording was processed. Quitting or exiting the App before class recording is processed makes the recording permanently unavailable.

Note: The time taken to upload the class recording to the cloud or server depends on the file size or size of the recording, which in turn depends on the duration of the class. For example, the size of the class recording of a class which is for one hour is 120 MB approximately.