You can access audio and video files in the Virtual Classroom by browsing your Content Library. Make sure to upload the files to the Content Library first. To upload audio and video files, select the Upload Content option from the right navigation panel of your WizIQ Dashboard (see Figure 1). You can also upload them by clicking Content Library on the left navigation panel.

Figure 1

The My Content page appears. Click Upload Content on the left navigation panel (see Figure 2).

Figure 2

The Upload Content page appears where you can browse your system to upload a file (see Figure 3). You can give your file a suitable title and description, select the language of instruction, and make your content available and downloadable to others. You can also embed content. Once you complete filling these fields, click Continue.

Figure 3

The following audio and video file formats and sizes are supported in the Virtual Classroom:

  • Audio (wav, wma, mp3) - up to 1 GB
  • Video (mov, avi, mpeg, wmv, mp4) - up to 1 GB
  • Flash (flv, swf) up to 1 GB

The audio and video files uploaded by you to your Content Library are available for use in the Virtual Classroom. It’s important to note that you cannot upload audio and video files to the Virtual Classroom while the class is in progress.