The following WizIQ App features are available to students and teachers using iPad or Android tablet:

Features for teachers or presenters:

  • Conduct live classes
  • Log in to App using Facebook
  • Transfer audio, video, and writing controls to attendees
  • Acknowledge Raised hand
  • Add and delete Whiteboards
  • Extend session time
  • Access existing content in the Content Library
  • Use Media Player
  • Use Content Player & Presentation player with controls to view and navigate documents/ presentations
  • Use Free hand tool to annotate documents with various colors

Features for students:

  • Attend live classes
  • Log in to App using Facebook
  • Access content shared by the teacher
  • Navigate or add/delete Whiteboards (writing controls required)
  • Raise your virtual hand to ask questions
  • Use live audio and video communication (audio and video controls required)
  • Navigate documents and presentations (writing controls required)