If you opted for the class recording option while scheduling a live class and are using the web version of the WizIQ Virtual Classroom (Virtual classroom accessed through the WizIQ website), the class recording will be available in .exe. / .ZIP format. However, if you are using the WizIQ Desktop App for Windows to conduct a live class, the recording is made available in video (mp4) format.

Once your class ends and class recording is successfully processed, it is saved to your computer in video (mp4) format if you are using the WizIQ Desktop App as a presenter or teacher. In addition, it is uploaded to the WizIQ website.

The default storage location for class recordings on your computer is the folder named WizIQ located under Documents. This folder is automatically created when you download and install the Desktop App. Class recordings can be accessed from this folder, played using a compatible media player, and even shared with others.

Alternatively, you can view live class recordings on http://www.wiziq.com/class/myclasses.aspx and download them (For WizIQ platform users only).

If you don’t have the Desktop App installed on your computer, your class recordings will be created in .exe /.ZIP format and stored on the cloud or server. These recordings are not automatically saved to your computer after the class ends. You need to download them from the WizIQ website.