The time taken to upload video (mp4) format of a class recording to the WizIQ server or website after it is processed and created on your computer, depends on your Internet bandwidth (Upload rate) and the size of your class recording, which in turn is directly proportional to the duration of your class. In other words, the longer the class duration, the larger the size of the class recording file.

Refer to the table below to see how the upload time differs with varying Internet bandwidth for a recording file of 100 MB.

Recording File Size

Upload Rate

Time Taken (approx.)

100 MB

256 Kbps

55 min

100 MB

512 kbps

28 min

100 MB

1 Mbps

14 min

100 MB

2 Mbps

8 min

Once uploaded to the WizIQ website or server, class recordings can be found under past classes.

Note: The size of the class recording of a class which is for one hour is 120 MB approximately.