WizIQ provides multiple payment options to your students. WizIQ also introduces several regional payment options in different countries from time to time. Hence, it provides your students with the flexibility of paying through various modes and increases your chances of receiving timely payments.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose WizIQ to receive payments:

  • WizIQ supports online payments by Credit Card and PayPal, ensuring that students can pay when they want to and not just during the working hours.
  • The WizIQ team also helps people facing payment issues related to their credit card or payment accounts.
  • You avoid the hassle of continuously tracking the data related to refund and discount. WizIQ does that for you and provides you with a complete payment system and support for a very nominal transaction fee of 5% per transaction on WizIQ and 30% on 3rd party portals..
  • WizIQ facilitates refund for learners wherever applicable.