Followings are the options to adjust best audio quality for Virtual Classroom:-

For Acoustic Echo Cancellation Mode, select one of the following Mode:


1. Full Duplex

Enables multiple users to speak at one time. If echo feedback results, select another option (this option is preferred for most systems).


2. Half Duplex

Enables only one user to speak at a time. Use this option if microphones on your system are unusually sensitive (transmitting unwanted background sound) or if you have poor echo cancelation.


3. Headset

Echo cancellation operates in low-echo mode, assuming that both parties are using a headset. This mode removes the minimal echo that could leak from speaker to microphone.

4. Off

All enhanced audio functionality is turned off.

5. Speaker Mute

Echo cancellation is turned off but other speech processing functions (such as noise reduction) are enabled.


Eco Path

Specify the echo path (in millisecond) used for echo cancellation. Using longer echo path results in better echo cancellation at the price of longer delay and more computational complexity. Default value is 128 (recommended). Other possible value is 256.


Silence Level

The silence Level property specifies the amount of sound needed to activate the microphone. If the amount of sound is below the specified value, Audio will not transmit.