Creating online tests on WizIQ is simple and easy. All you need to do is create an account with WizIQ as a teacher and create your tests online. 

  • Once you have a WizIQ account, you need to sign in to your account and click the Create a Test option in the right navigation panel of the page (also called dashboard).
  • You can also create a test by clicking the Tests option listed  in the left navigation menu of the dashboard .
  • A new page opens with Create a Test link in the right navigation panel. Click the link to create an online test.

  • Once you go to the test creation page, it is a simple process that you need to follow to create a test. 
  • In Step 1, you need to provide an appropriate test title, test description, and instructions required to attempt the test. 

  • You can also add topics to your test. You can even define various test settings to customize your test. 

  • In Step 2, you are required to add test questions which can have multiple answer choices. 
  • You can choose the desired test type and add multiple sections to your test and organize questions.

  •  In Step 3, you can make the test available to your learners by publishing it and then sharing it with them through email and/or Social Media.