Once you publish a test on WizIQ, you can share it easily with your learners.

  •  If you publish a public test, you can share it with your learners across social media platforms, i.e., Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn by copying and pasting the test Url, which appears soon after you publish your online test . 

  • In addition, you can share the test with your contacts, which includes WizIQ users who are part of your network, and individuals who are not registered with WizIQ.

  • Once you make a test public, it will appear in the list of published tests under the Published tab of the Tests page. You can click the Share link to share it with your WizIQ contacts or other learners through email invitation. 
  • If you publish a private test, it means your test is viewed and attempted by only those learners that you choose to share the test with. You can share your private test with selective learners through email invitation.