WizIQ Recordor is a free add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint that enables you to record your live video and audio over your presentation slides to create video lectures for flipped learning, classroom teaching and MOOC sessions. This simply means that you can record and synchronize your live video and audio feed and even pre-recorded audio with your PowerPoint presentation. WizIQ Recordor also lets you share your video lectures with learners and colleagues via email and add the lectures directly to the courses created by you on WizIQ from within PowerPoint itself.

WizIQ Recordor’s Import and Sync Audio feature lets you import an existing audio file from your computer and sync it with your PowerPoint presentation.

To use this free PowerPoint add-in or software, you only need Microsoft PowerPoint to be installed on your computer. Also, please refer to the software requirements for installing and using WizIQ Recordor. You can download WizIQ Recordor from here. Once downloaded, WizIQ Recordor appears as a tab in the PowerPoint ribbon (see Figure 1.1).

Figure 1.1

You can quickly create video lectures with WizIQ Recordor by simply recording narration for the presentation slides. The audio and the presentation slideshow get automatically synced as you narrate and navigate slides. Once the recording is done, WizIQ Recordor creates an MP4 video file of your lecture which you can share with others via email from within PowerPoint itself.

You can create a video lecture of up to 100 minutes with WizIQ Recordor.